Golf Evaluation

Atlanta Golf Evaluation Specialists

The Challenge with Evaluating Your Golf Game

Most Golf pros may not have the time to evaluate each of these 12 components for every client, and they may not feel sufficiently expert in certain areas. As a result, these components are under-utilized.

One on One is educated and trained for golf evaluation to treat movement patterns, body mechanics, connective tissue dysfunction, and neuromuscular coordination. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification enables us to apply our Physical Therapy knowledge to the golf screening and exercise prescription process.

The Goal of the TPI Program: to add a physical conditioning evaluation to the clients’ repertoire.

One on One will work as a team with golfers and golf pros to identify and address functional movement limitations that might result in certain swing characteristics/compensations. Faulty movement patterns may put golfers at risk for bodily injury, or worsen existing musculoskeletal conditions.


  1. History
  2. Basic technique evaluation (Efficiency and Style Testing)
  3. Shot making skills evaluation
  4. Course management evaluation
  5. Equipment evaluation
  6. Mental evaluation
  7. Physical conditioning evaluation
  8. Interpretation of gathered data
  9. Prioritization of data
  10. Development of treatment plan
  11. Report of findings
  12. Give prescription

Golf Assessment Package Description

Part 1: Golf-specific Functional Movement Screen

  • Consists of 12 functional movements, each of which pertain to the golf posture and golf swing:
    • Core control and trunk mobility
    • Lower body flexibility and motor control
    • Balance and proprioception
    • Lower body strength
    • Upper body flexibility and motor control
  • Data is entered into an individual’s client profile via TPI web-based software (available only to TPI certified members)
  • The software will generate a Golf Fitness Handicap with a written, detailed explanation of test results
  • All information is then emailed to the client and/or golf pro, as desired
  • If the screening identifies any “red flags” for injury, or evidence of an existing orthopedic problem, One on One Physical Therapy will address it with the client and golf pro and proceed accordingly*

Part 2: Exercise Prescription

  • Based on data from the screening, the software will generate a comprehensive series of exercises, specific to the golfer’s impairments and limitations. This includes video demonstrations, specific instructions on technique, and dosage information such as reps, sets and frequency
  • One on One will review and demonstrate each selected exercise for the client to ensure proper understanding and form.
  • A follow up session one week later will serve to review the exercises and ensure correct form and address any of the golfer’s concerns or questions regarding the exercise prescription.

Golf Swing Analysis

  • Using V1 Pro
  • The program will film a client’s shot and identify the 12 most common swing characteristics
  • One on One Physical Therapy will then break down the client’s swing and explain how the Functional Movement Screen findings correlate to the swing characteristics
  • One on One will discuss these findings with the golf pro to help maximize the client’s technique and game, while minimizing injury.

 Golf Assessment Package

  • Initial Assessment (Golf Functional Movement Screen and Swing Analysis) – 1 hour
  • Follow up visit (typically one week later) to review screen results, swing analysis results, and to go over exercise prescription – 1 hour
  • Follow up visit (one week later) to review exercises and ensure correct form – 45 minutes
  • 6 week follow-up to retest Golf Functional Movement Screen and swing anaylisis/consult with golf pro regarding findings – 1 hour

All-Inclusive Cost: $590

  • 3.75 hours testing and instruction
  • Computer analysis of swing characteristics
  • Computer-generated written report
  • Exercise prescription and instruction
  • Follow up / Coordination with Golf Pro

*Save $50 if package is purchased in full at initial visit*