Dance Medicine

Atlanta Dance Medicine and Rehab

Dance Medicine is the area of physical therapy specifically geared toward the highly specialized needs of the dancer patient, both amateur and professional. Dancers often suffer injuries related to hypermobility and overuse. Foot and ankle injuries are common, as well as knee, hip, and low back pain. The physical therapist will evaluate the dancer’s injury and functional capacity, as well as the specific movement dysfunctions related to that dancer’s specific demands. The goal is to safely restore functional movement patterns and return the dancer to rehearsal and performance as quickly as possible. It is also the therapist’s duty to educate in the dancer in proper mechanics and exercises to prevent re-injury upon discharge. Due to the aesthetic nature of dance, creativity and special training in taping, bracing, and shoe adaptation is essential. The biomechanics and kinesiology of dance may be very different than that of other sports. The physical therapist must fully understand and appreciate these extreme demands in order to effectively treat the dancer patient. In addition, collaboration with the dancer, other medical professionals, as well as the dance instructors and choreographers is fundamental in restoring a dancer to full, injury-free performance.