2018, Year of YOU!

//2018, Year of YOU!

2018, Year of YOU!

Stress less, relax more and make 2018 about YOU!

Happy New Year and thank you for taking the time stop in and check out my blog!

For those that do not know me as of yet, and have not experienced my chill vibes, I’m Key and the number one thing I DO NOT do is negative stress or negative vibes in my life. I do not worry about the things I cannot control. I honor my mind, I respect its strength, I love its ability to nurture me as a whole and I love its adult learning capabilities; so if I respect all of me holistically speaking I will not and do not engage in the things that will cause my systems or organs negative stress.  I have found it to be one of the biggest challenges not to stress; but also one of the most rewarding things to do. Affirmative– I DO NOT entertain or welcome negative stress of my own or of others into my life. Stressing and worrying has almost cost me my life (mind, body and spirit); as well as, my educational and professional journey.

Learning how to authentically redirect negativity in an upward direction towards positivity is a skill-set I have acquired over the years. It has now come the time I share some of my personal recipe to mind-body connection utilizing eastern (holistic) and western (sports) medicine.

To begin, I have a few questions:

On a day to day basis we all are faced with some form of daily challenge or obstacle- Is this obstacle out of your control? (My guess is you answered YES)  

Next Question…

If it is out of your control why are you stressing about it? (Take a pause and be honest…If it is in your control, it’s time to cut it out!)

A major key to a well balanced YOU is not to sweat the things that YOU do not have control over and control and change the things YOU can.

Stressing negatively has the ability to alter your character negatively (ie. easily aggravated, no desire to socialize, lack of interest of the things you once enjoyed doing), negative stress can send your physiological system in a downward spiral (ie. High blood pressure, migraines, neuromuscular discomfort). This type of stress could also play a toll on your psyche and leave you with negative suicidal thoughts, altering your appetite, leave you with a feeling of hopelessness and so much more. Depression and anxiety are at its all time high in our country at this time and we have a responsibility and commitment to YOUrself to take control and claim YOUr own happiness in 2018. This is the year for YOU to be a healthier, happier and more balanced YOU!  

Studying in Beijing, China I have learned the importance of mindfulness, being in the moment (no matter the moment; good/bad), slowing down and being appreciative. I now bridge the gap between eastern and western medicine on a daily basis in order to live and maintain a more balanced life. It’s the simple things such as mindful breathing/meditation, engaging in holistic activities, participating in physical activities, traveling and exploring other groups and countries, surrounding yourself with positive people and simply smiling/laughing more and submerging in good vibes will help keep stress levels at a minimum.

Did you know one hour of mindful breathing/meditation is like catching up on 2-3 hours of actual sleep? (Don’t worry…I was clearly unaware of this information 3 years ago as well).

Don’t believe me??? Look it up!

Since  learning this information I have challenged myself to get 1-3 hours of eastern (holistic) medicine on a daily basis…These are the personal activities I have created for myself to select from:

  1. Mindful breathing/Meditation
  2. Drawing/Painting
  3. Singing
  4. Creating/Crafting
  5. Reading
  6. Writing
  7. Shooting Pool
  8. Swimming
  9. Dance (Bachata, Maringa, Raggeaton, Salsa, Hip Hop, Mongolian…to name a few)
  10. Traveling
  11. Massage Therapy (Once a week…Yes! You read this correctly…I have been receiving massage once a week for the past 3+ years and I wouldn’t change it for the world)

In addition to engaging in 1-3 hours of eastern (holistic) medicine daily; I also incorporate 1-3 hours of western (sports/physical) medicine a day 5 days a week. I typically do 30 min cardio; 60 min of strength training and stretching; and 30 – 90 minutes of movement of choice (this is usually dancing).

This personal discipline has helped me to become more in tune with myself and others. It has helped advance me in my profession as a Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist allowing for more successful sessions with clients all over the world. I am on a journey of helping others lower stress levels by taking the negative and making it positive and creating positive vibes and frequences.

….When all else fails slow down and take ten deep breaths (in through the nose…fill the lungs as much as you can and exhale all air out through the nose slowly…clear your mind a little more with each breath and keep your shoulders, neck and back relaxed). This simple quick activity may help in stressful moments.

Happy 2018…Chillax’ and make it about YOU!


Positive Vibrations,

DaKetia ‘Key’ Thomas , M.S., M.A, NCBTMB

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