Chloe Murdock

Physical Therapy for the Equestrian

2018-10-19T22:44:20-04:00October 19th, 2018|Physical Therapy, Chloe Murdock, Dressage|

Are you an Equestrian struggling with shoulder, neck or back pain? Did you know that Physical Therapists work with Equestrians who compete in the sport of Dressage? Meet Emma Grace, a young Equestrian and client at One on One PT, who struggled while riding her horse. Read about the amazing journey how Physical Therapist, Chloe Murdock, helped this Equestrian get back to competition. Emma Grace first arrived at One on One PT because she was being deducted points in her [...]

Saddle Stress // A Cyclist’s Guide to Saddle Fitting

2018-12-03T21:06:18-05:00July 11th, 2017|Physical Therapy, Information, Sports Medicine, Cyclists, Chloe Murdock, Bike Fitting, Cycling Injury Physical Therapy|

Don’t let saddle pain ruin your summer I spend a lot of my time around cyclists, and the most common complaint I hear from my friends, clients, and patients is of saddle pain. Some have given in, resigning themselves of a life of painful riding because they were once told to “suck it up, because all saddles are painful”. Some have significantly reduced how much they ride, or stopped riding entirely. As a lifelong cyclist, I too have invested [...]