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My Jaw Hurts

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Let me ask you…are your teeth touching right now? Do you have jaw pain? Do you hold your stress by clenching your teeth? One of the easiest ways to relieve jaw pain is to learn to relax your jaw and facial muscles and maintain a proper resting jaw position. Your teeth should NOT make contact but should be slightly separated at rest. The tip of your tongue should be touching the roof of your mouth behind your top teeth and [...]

The Hassle of Headaches – Physical Therapy for Headaches

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Physical Therapy for Headaches and Migraines Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints.  Recent data suggests the prevalence of this condition is rising.  Most people experience headaches at some point in their life regardless of age, race or gender.   There are a multitude of different types and classifications of headaches. It is important that your type of headache is accurately diagnosed as many people suffer from a combination of different types; this will determine the specific treatment [...]

Need a Needle? // Dry Needling 101

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Need a Needle? // Dry Needling 101 Savas Koutsantonis PT, DPT Is Dry Needling right for me? Dry Needling is quickly becoming commonplace as many more practitioners are offering this procedure. What is it exactly? It’s a highly effective technique that’s used to treat patients who are suffering from pain generated from myofascial trigger points. It involves the use of a thin,flexible filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying trigger points and other connective tissues. What is a [...]

Amanda Blackmon and Savas Koutsantonis teaching Dry Needling for Myopain Seminars

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We are proud to announce that Amanda Blackmon and Savas Koutsantonis are teaching Dry Needling as Laboratory Instructors for Myopain Seminars in their Janet G. Travell, MD Seminar Series. One on One is proud to help Myopain Seminars set the standard in myofacial trigger point education worldwide.