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Adria Wofford
I feel successful when my clients can go participate in any recreational activity spontaneously and effortlessly, surprising themselves with what kinds of activities are accessible to them.

Adria Wofford is a Certified Pilates instructor, a Power Pilates teacher trainer and a suspension training instructor with over a decade of experience. She combines her passion for Pilates with her love of the performance arts; her background in dance, as a principal with The Georgia Ballet, makes her uniquely qualified to work with elite athletes in the performing arts. Adria has been sought out to work with artists from a world-renowned circus show. As a former ballerina, she learned how to reduce injury and pain through a lifetime practice of Pilates. Her curiosity about correct body mechanics and her instincts as a coach and teacher have helped shape her professional path.

Adria joins the team at One on One Physical Therapy after working as a Pilates instructor at the Atlanta Back Clinic and Studio Lotus. She has in depth knowledge of all classical Pilates Method exercises as well as exercises that work in concert with physical therapy. She is an expert at communicating with physical therapists and trusted to administer the proper protocol for treatment.

One of Adria’s specialties is Redcord; she is extremely adept at collaborating with physical therapists to bridge the gap between corrective and functional exercises. Adria can access client’s needs based on Redcord Active weak link kinetic chain testing, and with these results, Adria uses various suspension modalities to promote increased functional muscle firing sequences. Her certifications include Activcore FEX Intermediate, BioCored SuspensionX for Fitness and Redcord Active Corrective Exercise Advanced 1.

She received certification in the full comprehensive Pilates Method on the apparatus by Power Pilates and Pilates Method Alliance. She is skilled with the Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Pilates High and Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Ped O Pul, and the Magic Circle.

As an experienced Pilates trainer, Adria has mentored numerous instructors in the in-depth study of the principles of the Joseph Pilates method and the classical system of Power Pilates. She also received her KINESIS Certification with Thomas Myers and is specialized in Anatomy Trains and Fascial Fitness.

Adria has been married to Ryan for 4 years, and together they have 2 fur babies, Maverick (a daschund) and Carter (a beagle). Maverick suffers from back pain, and loves to do Pilates with his mom!

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