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“I consider it a privilege to work in a profession where I’m able to truly hear my patients, learn their stories, and ultimately help them heal.”
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Ami Kirollos joined One on One Physical Therapy after completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Emory University School of Medicine with the highest honors.  While at Emory, Ami focused on her passion for dance medicine and pelvic floor therapy, completing specialized hands-on clinical at the Atlanta Ballet, where she continues to work for as a physical therapist. 

Ami was raised in New York, where she developed a passion for sports and the arts. Ami grew up dancing and ultimately pursued studies in dance movement therapy as an undergraduate. However, after taking a course in dancer injury prevention instructed by the ballet’s physical therapist, Ami’s plans quickly changed and her journey to becoming a physical therapist began.

Prior to physical therapy school, Ami worked in the fitness industry specializing in personal training for women clients pre and post-natal. While working, she became especially interested in the role of pelvic floor dysfunction in athletes. From years of training with this population, Ami realized her passion for pelvic floor therapy and how often our healthcare systems overlook this population’s needs in rehabilitation.

Ami’s background in personal training and athletics has led her to her interest in sports medicine and pelvic floor therapy. Ami currently holds certifications and advanced course work in pelvic floor therapy, dry needling, dance medicine, and Pilates.

Ami is dedicated to providing holistic and quality care. She has a special motivation to ensure her patients feel heard and accepted while in her care. Ami strongly believes that individualized care is key to her patient’s success and strives to provide this in a one-on-one setting. Ami enjoys travel, fitness, dancing, and hanging with her fiancée Sam and her dogs Sgt. Pepper and Jade.

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