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Mary Beth Verlander - One on One Physical Therapy - Atlanta Physical Therapy

“My passion is to create quality movement opportunities as a Pilates Instructor and Health Coach to facilitate a lifestyle where joy, health, and motion allow you to continue to do all that you love”

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Cherie is originally from Michigan and attended the University of North Carolina, School for the Arts where she received a B.F.A in Modern Dance, and was first introduced to Pilates. Cherie moved to Toronto to pursue a career in Dance where she performed with several companies and independent artists. She began her Pilates teaching career with STOTT PILATES® in Toronto Canada and trained with Moira Merrithew.  She has been fully certified since 1994 as a STOTT PILATES® Instructor, and has been certified since 1998 as a Merrithew® Instructor Trainer, specializing in STOTT PILATES®. 

Certified in GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, CORE®, Total Barre® and Zenga® qualified, with a lifelong passion for health, Cherie has numerous health and wellness courses and certifications including the Adapt Functional Health Coach Training, and additional courses in Macrobiotics, Raw Foods Culinary Program, Paleo and Ayurvedic Courses. Her passion is to bring quality movement opportunities to her clients and create a lifestyle where joy, health and motion allow you to continue to do all that you love.

The joy comes in the experience of the holistic relationship I build with each client as we work together. There is a personal connection easily established when working with an individual’s body and movement patterns. Your body houses your soul and when you take time to connect with your movement, you strengthen your deepest sense of self and all your relationships.

Movement is necessary for everyone and together you and I can improve your experience with your body, mind and spirit.

Courses and certifications 

Merrithew® Instructor specializing in STOTT PILATES® Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels level 2, Injuries & Special Populations, Active For Life Specialist, Athletic Conditioning Specialist, Group Matwork Specialist, Rehabilitation Specialist, CORE™, Total Barre™, ZEN•GA® Mat & Equipment qualified, Fascial Movement Foundation Course, VIPR™ course, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certified Instructor and PRI Integration for Pilates affiliate course