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Atlanta’s Best Physical Therapy Practice Based on Excellence and Unsurpassed in the Industry

After years of treating patients in a typical group-based physical therapy setting, owner Karen Davis Warren was inspired to create Atlanta’s best physical therapy practice, a new alternative to the conventional setting and method of treatment that placed the value on quality of treatment over quantity of treatment.

In today’s competitive healthcare world, it is very common for physical therapy clinics to have multiple patients treated at the same time by a single therapist. This is not only the common practice, but also the expectation in many instances. The increasing regulations of health insurance required for coverage of services dictates certain productivity standards that therapists are required to adhere to. This high volume model of treatment prevents each patient from receiving the best quality of care, and requires a higher number of visits to achieve therapeutic goals.

Warren recognized the flaws of this structure, and was inspired to do better, not only for herself, but also for her patients. She realized that above all else, is the needs of the patient. Providing private, individualized treatment allows the therapist to understand each patient’s condition in depth, and create a specialized treatment plan specific to their needs. She recognizes that each patient’s time is valuable, and through personalized sessions, the patient and the therapist can achieve faster, longer lasting results by working together. Ultimately, her vision was to offer patients high quality patient-centered care by delivering physical therapy services on a one-on-one basis, and consequently, she opened One on One Physical Therapy in 2004. 

Upon its establishment, One on One was opened in northeast Atlanta, where it is still housed today. One on One has been growing steadily, with each new clinician bringing his or her own unique treatment philosophy and area of specialty practice. 

Since  starting One on One Physical Therapy Warren has continued to further her vision by creating wellness and performance programs.  Patients can make a transition from rehabilitation to fitness without ever leaving the building.  The Physical Therapists at One on One have also partnered with local fitness and wellness professionals within the Atlanta area and beyond, to provide resources to every patient as they are discharged from physical therapy.

The mission is simple: to help people become their best.  This holds true for patients as well as employees.  The clinical and administrative staff at One on One Physical Therapy participates in regular continuing education, stays current in research and treatment trends, and is up-to-date on insurance and reimbursement information.  Physical Therapists at One on One obtain the highest level of training and education in their field, offering an excellence to patients unsurpassed in the industry. Unlike other practices, Warren’s vision encompasses not only complete patient care, but respect for her colleagues in their pursuit to deliver exemplary physical therapy services.


Each employee at One on One Physical Therapy shares these core values, and emulates them to each and every person they come in contact with.  Clinical excellence, superior teamwork, and compassion for patients and co-workers help make One on One the practice that sets the standard for physical therapy care.


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