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The Redcord NEURAC TM (NEURomuscular ACtivation) Method is revolutionary in patient examination and neuromuscular-based treatments utilizing the Redcord Professional Workstation.

Redcord Neurac or Redcord Suspension is a revolutionary method of treatment for rehabilitation and muscle training known by its red cord and pulley suspension system. It has shown great success, often relieving acute and chronic muscle pain immediately. One on One Physical Therapy is the first physical therapy clinic in Georgia to offer it. Our own Melissa Baudo actually teaches other physical therapists around the southeastern United States the proper way to use the system.

Redcord is unique because you exercise while suspended in ropes and bungee cords, which facilitates muscle activation. Studies have shown that injury, pain and inactivity disturb our brain’s capacity to switch on the right muscles at the right time and with the right amount of strength.

This loss of neuromuscular function diminishes our “local” core muscle control, often leading to decreased quality of movement, stiffness, and increased musculoskeletal pain causing our larger “global” muscles to take over (compensate) and eventually become stressed, strained and painful.

The Redcord Neurac Method aims to normalize this muscle interaction by re-activating your muscles. Bungee assisted suspension exercises remove the patient’s body weight facilitating pain free movement patterns. High levels of neuromuscular stimulation and activation help to restore functional neuromuscular control.

Is Redcord just for rehabilitation?

At One on One Physical Therapy we utilize Redcord suspension not only as part of our rehabilitation programs. Was also use it as part of our training and injury prevention programs. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment and see how Redcord can benefit you.

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