Mary Beth Verlander - One on One Physical Therapy - Atlanta Physical Therapy
“I truly appreciate working as a physical therapist because I can spend meaningful time with my patients and this allows me to find the root cause of the problem and facilitate lasting change.”

“I enjoy working at One On One Physical Therapy because I can do what I love in a terrific work environment. I spend meaningful time with my patients to effect significant change, and I am surrounded by a great group of physical therapy clinicians who share my treatment philosophy.”

Mary Beth Verlander’s passion for physical therapy comes from first hand experience— as a patient. In her quest to find successful treatment, Mary Beth pursued, and continues to pursue, extensive continuing education to fine-tune her manual and neuromuscular reeducation skills.  She uses advanced manual therapy techniques from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Barral Institute to determine the root cause of the physical problem, sometimes distant to the injury site.  Her treatment approach allows her to see patients less often, and because it is integrates multiple body systems, her patients’ can experience improvement in other body systems, such as digestion, breathing, and sleeping, to name a few.  To facilitate improved movement patterns, Mary Beth uses the Red Cord System and exercises from her advanced coursework at the Postural Restoration Institute. Blood Flow Restriction Training is part of repertoire for strength gains in both student-athletes and elderly patients and her personal exercise program.

If you have complex and/or serious health challenges, Mary Beth nursing background and experience with functional medicine further enhance her treatment approach.   Mary Beth graduated cum laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and worked as a nurse in the Neuroscience Specialty Unit at Georgetown University Hospital. She moved to Atlanta to pursue her Physical Therapy degree at Emory University and continued to work as a nurse in Neurology and Neurosurgery at Emory University Hospital. Upon graduation from Emory University with a Master of Physical Therapy, Mary Beth worked for Physiotherapy Associates and soon afterwards became the Director of Physiotherapy Associates’ Howell Industrial Clinic in Midtown Atlanta. Mary Beth’s next career stop was New York City. She worked in a private practice on Wall Street treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries due to computer use and other recreational injuries. She also treated students from the Manhattan School of Music. In 1998, Mary Beth launched an eponymous physical therapy practice in Midtown Manhattan to provide comprehensive and individualized physical therapy in one-hour sessions, a unique concept at that time.

Since 2010, Mary Beth has worked at One on One Physical Therapy treating patients with spinal injuries, hip, shoulder and knee as well as digestive issues. She treats patients as young as 10 years.  She enjoys working collaboratively with  other practitioners to facilitate her patients recovery.  She believes in a holistic approach for rehabilitation including, diet changes, nutrition support, and lifestyle changes to facilitate the body’s ability to heal.