Sports Physical Therapy

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Sports Physical Therapy at One on One Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

One on One Physical Therapists draw their Sports Physical Therapy experiences from working with both amateur and professional athletes of all ages. Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike are treated with the most up to date techniques to help them get back in the game quickly and safely.

Sports Physical Therapy includes injury prevention, treatment of sports injuries and progression of the athlete to optimal performance. Treatment also includes advice on the use of protective devices, taping and braces. One on One PTs collaborate with the athlete’s coaches, trainers and other medical professionals to provide a team approach to the athlete’s care. Transition back to sport or training is facilitated by the physical therapist and their vast resources both within the facility and community for coaching, personal training and continued wellness.

A majority of sports injuries are from overuse; treatment includes a careful approach to identify all of the contributing factors. A comprehensive understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology plays an important role in the evaluation and treatment of sports injuries.

On the field experience combined with superior clinical skills in a nurturing, professional setting, one on one, allows the athlete to return to his or her sport ready to perform at the highest level.

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