Strength Training

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Strength Training Physical Therapy Injury Prevention

Strength Training

The Physical Therapists at One on One PT believe movement is medicine and that you have to stress your body to progress. We implement a “know pain, know gain” methodology. Strength training plays an important role in rehabilitation. So whether you run, cycle, play tennis, or participate in CrossFit, we can help you.

We focus on reducing your pain and enhancing your mobility in the early stages of rehab. In order to progress and get you back to the sports and activities you love, we will then incorporate strength training into your rehabilitation.

Strength training has been shown to enhance muscle strength and control, VO2 max, running and cycling efficiency, glucose regulation, vascular function, and aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

If you sit on the toilet or sit at a desk during the day, you performed a squat. It is important that everyone be able to perform them pain free. Picking up small children is like a dead lift. In order to optimize fitness we incorporate functional exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and steps ups into the rehabilitation process.

Have you ever had back pain or your back went out while lifting? Strengthening your body with deadlifts will help your back get stronger which in turn minimizes your risk for a future back injury.

Whether you’re trying to add 20 lbs to your clean and jerk, improve your off-season training regimen, or care for your children without back pain, training these functional movements are imperative to keeping you strong and healthy.

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