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Youth Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

Youth Sports Medicine & Youth Orthopedics

Sports-related injuries are on the rise in children and adolescents. Recent reports indicate that over 1 million sports injuries are treated in the emergency room each year. A child is taken to the emergency room every 25 seconds, with 12 percent of cases related to concussion.

At One on One Physical Therapy, we understand that each child and teen has unique youth sports medicine, physical therapy and wellness needs with regard to their growing bodies. During a growth spurt, a child or adolescent’s body is especially susceptible to particular injuries. Our youth sports medicine & orthopedic specialists have the expertise to handle the needs of the growing body, including how to manage injuries related to growth plates.

Kids and teens are not “small adults”; they think and process information differently. We tailor each treatment session to reflect the demands of each patient’s social, psychological, or emotional needs. We incorporate age-appropriate sports-specific exercise or education into every treatment session.

Some of our pediatric & adolescent specialty areas include:

  • ACL Injury Prevention Program
  • Concussion Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Female Athlete Triad
  • Heat Illness
  • Prevention & treatment of traumatic & overuse injuries
  • Chronic, unresolved pain and injuries
  • Age & sports-specific strength & conditioning tips

One on One physical therapists are dedicated the prevention and treatment of pediatric & adolescent orthopedic & sports-related injuries and conditions. We have joined the STOP Sports Injuries campaign. We are active in the American Physical Therapy Association’s Youth Athlete Special Interest Group. Our goal is to provide the highest level of age- and sport-specific care to instill valuable lifelong skills contributing to active and healthy lifestyles in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

We understand that kids and teens have busy schedules. We offer after- or before-school appointments to accommodate academic or parent work schedules.  As appropriate, we will provide additional referrals to top pediatric and adolescent specialized medical experts.



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