The Pilates method incorporates equipment and mat work to provide a means to strengthen the entire body as a unit.

The principles of Pilates focus on core control, spinal mobility, alignment, and breathing. The Pilates apparatus uses springs to provide assistance or resistance.  This allows  the client to move through ranges of motion with greater ease and control. These techniques ultimately create successful movement patterns which builds confidence and carries over to functional tasks.

At One on One Physical Therapy, Pilates-based exercise is incorporated into the patient’s plan of care from day one. Programs are designed based on individual needs and home exercise programs enhance the exercises that are performed in physical therapy sessions. Patients are transitioned to Pilates mat classes, private training or independent exercise programs.

Once transitioned to a Pilates program, the patient can progress from a rehab-based program to a fitness-based program as pain levels and functional mobility allow, fully incorporating Pilates into his or her regular exercise routine.