Sports Performance

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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

One on One Physical Therapy helps return patients to previous levels of sports activity

Performance is one of the three main qualities that we pursue on the journey to health. The qualities that make up our performance goals can be found in building muscular strength, muscular size, speed, endurance, or altering our body composition. Pursuing these goals puts a large amount of stress on the body because of the wide range of paths it takes to reach them. Navigating those paths without proper planning or guidance leads to injury and poor sports performance.

In younger athletes, sports participation has evolved from child-driven activities for fun to specialization requiring intense training and performance-enhancement. This changing environment has created a gap between parents and the proper path to lead their young athletes down.

At One on One Physical Therapy helping athletes of all ages return to the game at their peak is our ultimate goal. We provide each patient with the knowledge and ability to avoid reinjury while maintaining a consistent level of excellence through proper exercise and technique. We focus on prevention and treatment of injuries by emphasizing education in styles, techniques, and training methods.

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