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Real Time Ultrasound Imaging - One on One Physical Therapy

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUS) is a technology used by physical therapists in research and clinical environments in order to assess effective and efficient muscle contraction. During this procedure patients get to see how their muscles contract during static and dynamic activities.

Research has established that the muscles of the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis (TA) and deep fibers of the Multifidus (dMF) are key muscles for continence, spine stability, pain prevention and daily function.

There are other muscles that lie over the dMF and TA which means simply touching or looking at the spine or abdomen cannot confirm proper contraction of these key muscles. This is why One on One PTs use RTUS. It enables both the PT and the patient visual assurance that the muscles are contracting effectively both at rest and during dynamic activities.

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