Chronic Pain Treatment

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Chronic Pain Treatment at One on One Physical Therapy

Chronic Pain Treatment

It is becoming increasingly more common for individuals to suffer through chronic pain that lasts much longer than expected. This condition presents a major challenge to health care providers because of its complexity, history, unclear cause, and poor response to interventions. This has led to an opioid epidemic in this country.

Persistent pain can be a body’s way of coping with pain that should have theoretically healed. This results in a central change to the nervous system that produces a pain experience that is out of proportion to actual tissue trouble.

Our therapists are highly educated in the latest theories in pain management science. We have experience in the treatment and management of the persistent pain population. Treatment is multifaceted and holistic as typically there is not a single cause of pain and there is not a single structure that is dysfunctional which needs to be fixed.

Our goal is pain reduction, restoring normal movement patterns, and empowering individuals with strategies for self management. Typical interventions include manual therapy, patient education and exercise to assist in desensitizing the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain), which has been shown in studies to be more reactive and to have undergone neuroplastic changes.

With time and proper management we assist in dampening how the central nervous system processes stimuli. We help to identify other variables that feed into the processing of pain including anxiety, depression, expectation, belief systems, biochemical changes in the body, visceral issues, and others. The mixture of these variables determines how we process or experience pain.

Our clinic is well known for the successful treatment of the persistent pain population, including those who have been suffering for years without relief. It is highly rewarding for us and life-changing for the patient.

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