One on One Physical Therapy is excited to launch a comprehensive ACL Injury Prevention and
Performance Enhancement Program. We know you have many choices for preseason training, which is why we wanted to outline a few of the great reasons to join us now.

What Makes Our Program Different?

ACL Injury Prevention Program

As discussed in part 3 of this blog series, ACL Injury Prevention Programs, our program incorporates all essential elements of a successful ACL prevention program which are:

  • Flexibility
  • Running
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Core Stability
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility Training

These elements work together to stabilize and strengthen the lower body, helping athletes
prepare for quick directional changes, sprinting, jumping, cutting and provide them with better
shock absorption techniques. With our progressive comprehensive training, athletes will see
improvements in movement quality and athletic performance while minimizing their chances
for non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injury. So, how do we achieve this? Read on!

Athletic Assessments

Because this is an ACL Injury Prevention Program, we are conducting assessments prior to the start of the sport season to help identify risk factors ahead of time. One on One PT will offer pre-and post-athletic assessments consisting of both clinical evaluations and performance tests that measure the initial baseline of the essential elements for each athlete.

Our goal with the athletic assessment is to:

  • Establish performance baselines
  • Develop individualized risk profiles
  • Provide athletes with detailed feedback about their current movement patterns and any
    imbalances or deficits they might have
  • Create individualized programming based on results
  • Show improvements through performance tests after 8 weeks of training

Individualized, Supervised Programming

Individualized in-person and remote training will address deficits found during the assessments.
By providing both supervised instruction and remote programming combined with progressive
challenges for the entire lower body, including core and hip stability, this approach offers
ongoing sport-specific support and reinforcement.

The 8-week Programming Will Include:

  • Neuromuscular training incorporating motor learning principles such as external focus
    of attention
  • Progressive core stabilization
  • SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) drills
  • Unilateral strength using ground-based movements
  • Reaction drills to enhance cognitive processing
  • An interactive platform to monitor progress through TrainHeroic
  • Recovery Strategies including education on nutrition, proper hydration, sleep hygiene
    and stress management strategies
  • Option of using Heart Rate Variability Analysis (HRV)

By offering the program through our interactive platform, the athletes, their parents or
guardians, and the sports specialists can track activity and progress. This platform allows us to
measure and examine results, training loads and other analytics not for the sake of generating
“fancy charts,” but to examine in real-time if exercises need to be adjusted or if the workload
needs to be increased or decreased.

Heart Rate Variability

Athletes will also have the option to participate in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring, which allows our specialists to optimize training intensity during training sessions. HRV is the inter-beat variability between successive heart contractions, specifically the interval from the peak of one QRS complex to the peak of the next as shown on an electrocardiogram (R-R intervals).  HRV monitoring is a non-invasive measure of the autonomic nervous system’s reaction to stress or stimuli. Our sports specialist will use the HRV data to build profiles of our athletes in order to analyze their “training versus recovery equilibrium”. Analyzing HRV allows the sports specialist to design a program that will avoid early overreaching or overtraining, which could hinder performance and lead to illness and injury.  Essentially, HRV data will help us help you train better, perform better, and recover better.  One on One PT is actively invested in helping its athletes gain strength and prevent injury.

More Than An Exercise Routine

Our program is designed to educate athletes about prevention, not simply offer a worksheet of exercises. Throughout the 8-week program, we will provide tips and articles about important topics such as sleep hygiene, proper nutrition and hydration, mindfulness based interventions, and positive self-talk.

Most importantly, our experienced physical therapists and strength coaches built this holistic
program to help keep you on the playing field, stronger and safer than ever before so you can enjoy the sport you love.

We hope you join us this summer! To learn more about our ACL Injury Prevention and
Performance Enhancement Program, email and check out our previous blogs “ACL Injury In Sport” and “Risk Factors For ACL Injury”. To schedule an assessment, call One on One Physical Therapy at (770) 500-3848.

About The Author

Wendy DutchWendy Dutch serves as the Coordinator of Athletic Performance for the Atlanta Phoenix Hockey Club and is president and cofounder of Dutch Performance. Dutch is a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS) and a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction®. She holds additional certifications in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 and Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1 and Level 2. She will be completing her Masters in Kinesiology with a Focus on Strength and Conditioning from the University of Georgia in December.

Dutch has worked with professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes for the last 20 years, spending the last several years focused on AA and AAA hockey players and figure skaters. Prior experience includes working as the Head Strength and Condition Coach for the WNBA Houston Comets. Following a holistic approach to improving sport performance and reducing the risk of injury, Wendy is excited to be part of the One Therapy ACL Injury Prevention Program team.