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Tennis Medicine and Injury Treatment

Tennis Medicine

karen davis warren works on tennis star Venus williams court side at Wimbledon
Karen Davis Warren PT, MPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS works on tennis star Venus Williams court side at WimbledonMelissa Baudo with Martina Navratilov
Melissa Baudo PT, DPT, SCS, MTC with Martina Navratilova

Atlanta leads the country in the number of participants in amateur tennis. The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) began in 1971 with less than 1,000 members and has grown to over 80,000 members today. Due to the high demands of the sport, tennis players are susceptible to specific overuse injuries such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis. But, acute injuries such as ankle sprains and muscle strains can happen.

Tennis Medicine focuses on the treatment of tennis related injuries, injury prevention and recovery strategies that all the athlete to progress back to the court. The Tennis Medicine experts at One on One Physical Therapy focus not only on treatment of the specific injury, but will also identify the cause of injury and implement a plan for future injury prevention. We utilize various treatment interventions such as manual therapy, triggerpoint dry needling, taping, and bracing in order to help you get back to the court quickly and safely.

A majority of tennis injuries are from overuse. Treatment includes a careful approach to identify all of the contributing factors such as abnormal movement patterns and stroke mechanics. A comprehensive understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology plays an important in the evaluation and treatment of tennis injuries. The Tennis Medicine Experts will utilize Tennis Stroke Analysis, Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screening and Redcord Weak Link Testing in order to identify abnormal movement patterns, which may contribute to injury.

Our Tennis Medicine Experts collaborate with other tennis organizations, including the WTA, ATP, ITPA, and the USTA. We stay up-to-date on the latest research, treatment techniques, and injury prevention for tennis athletes. We will also collaborate with the athlete’s coaches, trainers and other medical professionals to provide a team approach to the athlete’s care.

Our goal is for every tennis athlete to return to the court as safely and as efficiently as possible.

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