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Headache Treatment Physical Therapy One on One Physical Therapy

Headache Treatment

Headache Treatment at One on One Physical Therapy starts with diagnosing and treating your specific type even when elements from multiple types are present. The prevalence of those suffering from headaches has been on the rise. Headaches are a more common condition than neck pain and slightly less than low back pain. The 3 most common types are tension type headaches, cervicogenic headaches and migraines.

Similar to chronic pain, these conditions involve sensitization of the central nervous system which means there is an increased response and an amplification of the process and experience of pain.

Our therapists are trained in diagnosing and treating your specific type of HA (which may have elements of multiple types). We attempt to identify the source(s) that specifically reproduce your specific pain, and provided treatment including manual therapy (mobilization, manipulation, trigger point dry needling), range of motion and motor control exercise, postural and behavioral modification.

Even Migraine headaches, which have a neurovascular origin, can be improved with physical therapy and has been found in studies to reduce the frequency and intensity of HA episodes and significantly reduce the intake of specific migraine medications.

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