TMJ Dysfunction Therapy and Treatments

TMJ Dysfunction Therapy and Treatments2020-09-03T13:45:49-04:00
Cranio-Facial TMJ Dysfunction and Pain

TMJ Dysfunction Therapy and Treatments

One on One specializes in Cranio-Facial Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ, TMD) and Pain Therapy Treatments

One on One physical therapists specialize in Cranio-Facial TMJ Dysfunction Therapy and Treatments (TMJ, TMD) and Pain Therapy Treatments. We provide specialized treatment models and CRAFTA (Craniofacial Therapy Academy) care which includes the assessment and treatment of the cranium (head) and the face. These models utilize passive movements (movements executed by the therapist), nerve testing (sensory/motor), postural and adaptive pattern assessment.

Application of specific cranial nerve neurodynamics (neural tension) is also applied to treat adverse tension, which can result in reducing nerve pain and dysfunction.

Treatment includes specialized manual techniques and exercises designed to treat chronic head, neck, jaw, and facial pain. Diagnoses commonly treated with these techniques include: atypical face, ear, and head pain; unexplained toothache; restricted jaw movement; head trauma; orofacial pain, and neuralgia; tension headaches; and migraines.

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