Women’s Health and Obstetric Physical Therapy

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Women's Health and Obstetric Physical Therapy

Women’s Health and Obstetric Physical Therapy

Obstetric Physical Therapy helps women who are currently pregnant, or recently have been pregnant, continue to maintain an active lifestyle. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a series of physiological and anatomical changes. Everyday activities can become difficult, as their ligaments become more flexible and their center of gravity changes.

One on One Physical Therapy provides Obstetric Physical Therapy services that address the women’s health care needs that are unique across the lifespan.

Our physical therapists focus on movement patterns that decrease the strain on overloaded joints, while safely increasing core strength and postural education.

During pregnancy- our therapists will educate and train you on postural corrections and techniques to safely perform ADL’s, help you manage your pain through manual therapy and exercise, instruct you in strengthening and stabilization exercises to reduce the strain on your joints, and educate you on breathing techniques to utilize during labor.

After childbirth, typically 6 weeks postpartum, our therapists will complete a thorough assessment to determine how your body has been impacted by birth and work with you to reach your postpartum goals.

Common conditions seen postpartum include:

  1. Perineal tears which can affect urinary/ bowel health as well as intercourse.
  2. Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) which is a separation of the rectus abdominis and can lead to postural instability and back pain.
  3. Stress Incontinence which is common but not normal three months after delivery.
  4. Post Cesarean care to retrain their abdominal muscles, as well as mobilize scar tissue.
  5. Education on Pelvic Organ Prolapse and pelvic floor retraining to reduce symptoms. 
  6. Constipation and other GI conditions

Our services may include neuromuscular training, lymph massage, manual therapy, exercise prescription and education on bowel and bladder health.

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