Victoria Yeisley
One on One Physical Therapy would like to announce that Victoria Yeisley has written a guest post on Oh Baby! Fitness Blog. The post is titled “Guest Post: Pregnancy Pain? Are you sure that’s not normal….

So there I was two weeks ago at a baby shower.  My friend Nicole was sitting in a big comfy chair, surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents, and getting ready to open the generous gifts before her.  Just as she was about to begin, one of the other guests asks her, “So overall, how has the pregnancy been going?”  Nicole shrugged and said “Good, except for the sciatica.”

At that point I realized that I was the only one in the room nodding my head, giving her the look like “Girl, I hear ya” whereas the rest of the women looked at her like she had a third eye!  I was shocked at the questions that came next, like they had 1) never heard of a pregnant woman being in pain, and 2) had never heard about sciatic pain.  Nicole explained the shooting pain down her back, into her butt and back of her thigh and that doing little tasks like going from sit to stand or moving in bed were terrible.  She explained that her baby was in a position that was hurting her sciatic nerve and that the pressure on the nerve was causing all of her pain.

Again, the blank stares in response to her comments were still blowing my mind.

It was then that I realized that I was the odd man out, and that in reality, most women who have never been pregnant or aren’t around pregnant women very often, don’t understand the changes that happen to your body.  They hear about nausea, breasts getting bigger and feet swelling up, but none of them had heard about how the pelvis was affected by the pregnancy and that yes, (gasp!) there is often low back, buttock, hip, groin, pubic bone or tailbone pain involved.

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