(Strength Coach Jonathan Meade, exercise: deadlift)

Hit the Weights this Winter to Boost Your Cycling Performance Next Season!

The 2017 cycling season is winding down, and as the days grow shorter many cyclists unfortunately resign themselves to the trainer or the couch. Cold dark mornings and early sunsets do not lend themselves to weekday rides, and many cyclists lose fitness and gain weight over the winter months. Adding strength training in the off-season is an excellent way for cyclists to avoid gaining winter weight while improving cycling efficiency.

There are many myths about weight training that deter cyclists from hitting the gym. One common concern is that weightlifting results in weight gain, exactly what we’re trying to prevent during the off-season. This has been found to be incorrect, with multiple studies showing that up to 16 weeks of weight training results in no increase in body mass, and more than one study finding a decrease in body fat percentage following a strength training program.

Another concern is that strength training is time consuming, and doesn’t translate into improved cycling performance. Studies have shown that measurable improvements in strength occur as early as 3-4 weeks after initiating a strength training program, and that improved cycling performance can be seen after performing only one exercise regularly (half squat in a Smith rack)!

The performance improvements that occur as a result of strength training include improved cycling economy (the ability to use less oxygen to generate the same amount of power), improved average power output, and improved power (ability to accelerate).

For those who have never strength trained before, it is important to learn how to perform the exercises properly before jumping into a heavy lifting program. Our physical therapists and personal trainers at One on One Physical Therapy are able to assess your readiness to begin a program, and make sure your technique is optimal so that you can get the most out of your time in the gym. Once cleared to begin, we can provide you with a personalized strength training program with expert Jonathan Meade. He will get you strong, fit and ready to ride your best in 2018!


(Strength Coach Jonathan Meade, exercise: weighted squat)

Jonathan Meade is the owner and a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Absolute Strength and Fitness that operates within One on One Physical Therapy. He helps individuals of all ages and backgrounds reach their sports performance, health, and aesthetic goals and needs. His education includes a MS in Kinesiology from UGA, a BS in Exercise Science, and multiple highly regarded certifications. For years he has helped people reach the next level of sports, get stronger than ever, and develop their body to reach their goals quickly and safely. Contact Jonathan at absolutestrengthandfitness@gmail.com to get started on your journey.


Chloe Murdock is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapist and trained pelvic health physical therapist, treating patients at One on One Physical Therapy. She is also a Slowtwitch (FIST) certified bike fitter, and works at Podium Multisport in Atlanta. She participates in all cycling disciplines, and can be found cyclocross racing around Georgia in the fall. Chloe offers free consultations at both One on One Physical Therapy and Podium Multisport, and can be reached at chloe@onetherapy.com