Lance Cross PT, MPT, OCS, CMTPT

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Lance Cross PT, MPT, OCS, CMTPT
“The reward for empowering a person to regain their livelihood with manual therapy, exercise, and health education drives me to improve not only my skill and knowledge, but that of my colleagues and community as well.”

Lance Cross is a deeply experienced, patient-first physical therapist.

Lance Cross earned his Master of Physical Therapy Degree from Baylor University in 1998 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from the California University of Pennsylvania in 1992.  Lance specializes in orthopedic physical therapy with a particular focus on treating patients with athletes with persistent pain and individuals

Lance began his career in the U.S. Army where he developed skills with osteopathic spinal and joint manipulation through working with and studying under notable specialists in the field.  During his time with the Army, he served as Chief of Physical Therapy at Fort Drum, NY, and Fort Polk, LA.  He developed a running injury prevention program that was adopted by the U.S. Military and went on to become a Certified Sports Metrics Trainer with a focus on rehabilitating and preventing injury in athletes.

Lance further sharpened his skills by studying pain sciences under the instruction of the Neuro Orthopedic Institute of Australia and has developed a reputation as a specialist in the treatment of patients with chronic pain.  He has guest lectured to various support groups under the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association regarding P.T. care for chronic pain.  He serves as a guest lecturer for Emory University’s Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency program and has also lectured to medical practitioner groups outside of the physical therapy field.  

Lance served as the lead Physical Therapist in Georgia for the National Institute of Health funded clinical trials of a multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients with chronic pain and worked as team leader for patient resources for a national chronic pain program.  He is certified to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling and perform Personalized Blood Flow Restriction therapy.

Lance believes in developing a deep understanding of his patient as a person in order to more personalize their treatment and help them regain balance and resilience in their body.  He utilizes what he calls an “inside out and outside in approach” with manual therapies, dry needling, exercise, and education.  He is currently developing and utilizing a unique rehabilitative exercise approach called Functional Synergistic Muscular Patterning.  This approach allows the patient to become a well-informed team member in their care and builds patient self-efficacy in overcoming pain and dysfunction.

Lance is a life-long athlete who has competed as a sprinter in Collegiate Track & Field and enjoyed other various team and individual sports (swimming, football, basketball, mountain biking, and rock climbing).  He is often found enjoying the outdoors in the North GA mountains with his wife and friends and likes to travel to venture into new landscapes for his outdoor recreation.

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