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Bike Fitting in Atlanta - GURU dynamic fitting bike

Bike Fitting in Atlanta

A Proper Bike Fit should be specific to the individual’s morphology.

Improper Bike Fitting is one of the primary causes of cycling injuries and pain on the bike. A cyclist’s bike should be specifically fit to accommodate their individual morphology while taking into account their cycling history and goals. A recreational cyclist who is relatively new to the sport and training for his first century will not benefit from being in the same position as an experienced triathlete who is trying to gain 10 watts.

Chloe Murdock is our resident FIST certified bike fitter, and performs her bike fits at Podium Multisport in Atlanta, GA. All bike fits include a thorough discussion of injury history, current training plan and goals, an off-the-bike assessment, dynamic bike fitting on the GURU DFU, and foot/pedal interface assessment with cleat adjustments. Our fits are guaranteed, and include follow-up adjustments for one year following the initial fit.

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