At One on One Physical Therapy, we want to help empower your body to move well, live well, and stay well. Our treatment techniques enhance cellular repair and blood flow, and improve soft tissue and joint mobility, which are key components to healing. Products that contain cell signaling molecules may be implemented in your treatment plan to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, stimulate cellular communication, and support immune function.

Why Do Cells Breakdown?

Your cells are breaking down whether you have a healthy lifestyle or not. You can’t  escape aging and stress. Environmental factors such as diet, stress, polution, and common products we use in our homes and on our bodies can actually turn off genes. This means the genetic instructions that dictate healthy body functions don’t work as efficiently, which speeds the aging process.

The body needs to be in a balanced state in order to function well. Cell signaling molecules are naturally produced in the body and used to detect injury and protect us from breakdown. They also help repair and replace damaged cells so we stay “in balance”. If this signaling breaks down, it can lead to excessive inflammation, which advances aging and can lead to illness and disease.

What Are Cell Signaling Molecules?

Cell signaling molecules work on a cellular level, where health begins. These molecules optimize performance and healing of all systems of the body. They also affect the expression of our DNA. Did you know that as we age, our ability to produce these molecules declines by 10% every decade after the age of 20? This decline leaves our body vulnerable and less efficient at healing and repair.

Breakthrough technology that replicates the body’s own cell signaling molecules.

Cell Signaling Supplement is the only product on the market certified to contain cell signaling molecules. These powerful cellular messengers help detect, protect, repair, and replace cells and enhance cell signal so your cells can do their job better. This is transformational technology that can have a profound impact on your health and wellness. A health technology so unique it transforms health on a foundational level by empowering the most basic building blocks of your body to thrive.

Why Do I Need Cell Signaling Molecules?

These cell signaling molecules interact through the body with every cell. Every cell in the body needs these molecules for communication purposes. Without the cell signaling molecules, we simply wouldn’t have immune protection, the gene replication and DNA-sequencing that is vital to health.  The more balanced the cells are, the more abundant they are, the healthier we are.

How Is The Cell Signaling Supplement Made?

The most basic building blocks of life, salt and purified water, are put through a groundbreaking patented electrolysis process after which it is no longer salt and water. The process creates what are called cell signaling molecules. You can use cell signaling supplement to help support your body’s immune system and it’s challenges so you function at an optimal level.

What Can Cell Signaling Supplement Do? 

It’s simple – healing from the inside out. The supplement can activate certain genetic pathways or affect genes that improve immune system function, maintain a healthy inflammatory response, maintain cardiovascular health, improve gut health & digestive enzyme production, and modulate hormone balance.

If you want to start using this cutting edge technology to supplement your immune system and overall health, call our office to find out how you qualify for wholesale pricing.